What’s this? Oh nothing. I’ve said more than enough times that I’m working on a new EP. For a long time that meant saving some guitar patterns to memory and little else. A couple of songs popped up along the way, but nothing I’d call finished. A couple of weeks ago that all changed.

The picture above is the current state of said EP. 7 songs currently in production. In fact, it’s still in very early stages. Actual release name, art work, song titles, lyrics, recording, production…a lot of stuff still pending.

I mean, it’s really nowhere near done, but…I can see something. I can see it coming together at long last, and I have a sudden urge to make it happen. For real this time.

So I’m promising, 2019 I will finally release another EP. Let’s say April? That seems reasonable right? If you’re good I might share a couple of songs before then.

So right now, I’m making my 2019 plans. Making new music is pretty much top of the list. Unfortunately, it’s right underneath “make a living” so, you know, priorities and all that. But I’m determined to make music a real part of my life again, in any and all forms. Expect releases (yes, more than one), expect gigs, expect merch and all that. You know how this thing goes.

I’ll be revealing more details about the EP as and when the come into existance. For now, just sit patiently. I’ve got some work to do.

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