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Goodbye Spotify

I’m afraid this post is only bad news. Yesterday, Daniel Ek – founder of Spotify – declared publically that he will be investing €100 million in an AI defence tech start up. Let’s just think about that for a second. Daniel Ek created a platform that allowed listeners to stream music from millions of artists,… read more»


2019 has come to a distressing end. November felt like the end of Star Wars: A New Hope; it felt like we were in place to blow up the Death Star and overthrow the evildoers. But we’re only half way through December and we’ve skipped straight to the start of Return of the Jedi. The… read more»

Recording in progress

An image of music gear set up for recording

Getting set up for finishing off recording the next EP. Songs are mostly written, a plan has formed, release schedules are penciled in, artwork is slowly emerging, it’s very much taking shape. A few things I can tell you so far: I call it an EP, but there will be 10 tracks. Some are full… read more»

What’s up?

Hey, how’s it going? This is where I tell you once again that new music is still in progress and once again set another self imposed deadline that I’ll once again miss. This attempt to make new music right now is not so much a creative pursuit as a battle within myself. It’s a fight… read more»


What’s this? Oh nothing. I’ve said more than enough times that I’m working on a new EP. For a long time that meant saving some guitar patterns to memory and little else. A couple of songs popped up along the way, but nothing I’d call finished. A couple of weeks ago that all changed. The… read more»

EP2: An update

A few days ago I woke up to an email informing me that someone had bought a copy of my first EP. Nothing too unusual about that; I mean it doesn’t happen all the time – I made 100 copies over 2 years ago and still had 2 copies left. But to my surprise, this… read more»

Oh hello.

Hey. It’s been a while. How have you been? I’m sorry we haven’t spoken recently, I’ve just had a few things going on; you know how it is. I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing OK. Things have been…weird…for the last year or so and I’m still not really sure what’s going… read more»

O Fortuna!

So it’s the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, the whole country has been hit with a blanket of snow seemingly from nowhere, but I’m out facing the cold regardless, on my way to see my friends in Awooga supporting Amplifier; a band I’ve loved since my teens. I find Taz and James down by the… read more»

Return to the Sea

I’ve been sleeping. Dormant. Occupied by duties and distractions that have taken priority, much more than they should have. I’ll try and blame it on circumstance; money, work, my health. Truth is I’m too distracted. I’ve let bad habits develop into a lifestyle, somehow convincing myself that goals would still happen if I just started… read more»