EP2: An update

A few days ago I woke up to an email informing me that someone had bought a copy of my first EP. Nothing too unusual about that; I mean it doesn’t happen all the time – I made 100 copies over 2 years ago and still had 2 copies left. But to my surprise, this copy was going all the way to Japan.

I’m pretty big in Japan

In total, I’m aware of 3 copies that have gone overseas, so that was pretty exciting! Within a few hours of sharing this news, the last copy was also snapped up. So that’s it. All physical copies of Stay Dry, Stay Warm are now gone. I don’t even have a copy myself in fact. If you have one, I hope you’re enjoying it!

So it’s about damn time this next EP came to be right? It’s happening. Every day I’m finding new ideas and creating new sounds and songs are coming together. My songwriting ain’t waht it used to be I can tell you that. Words don’t come to me. But I’ll keep going.

At this point, I believe I have 2 EPs in the making. I guess it could have been an album, but I feel 2 very distinct ideas exist. The first is cut from a much more raw songwriting process. It’s more acoustic, organic and natural. Some of these songs have existed for a while and are finally being turned into something, some are still just bare-bones ideas that will become something soon. These songs will no doubt go through a wider production process; maybe live drums and other instruments – almost a full band’s worth of instrumentation, yet written acoustically, ready to be performed solo.

The second is much more complex and far from organic. It’s where many ideas that I made before have been stored; ideas that came from experimenting with all sorts of equipment and exploring what I was capable of with just myself and a looper. Many of these ideas have been put on hold while I’ve been without the space to play with my toys. That’s hopefully about to change soon though.

When will they be out? I’ll say the first one might – might – be out by the end of the year if I get a shift on. More likely early next year.

Watch this space I guess?

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  • Will says:

    Oh no!/ Oh yes!

    That’s great news, although I’m dismayed to have missed the last copy; I guess your channel will have to stay on my Youtube playlist for the for-sea-able future…

    But fantastic that you’ve got an overseas following 🙂

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