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When I planned my second EP – by which I mean, when the plan really started to come together – we were living in a very different world. Granted; it was still a world full of fear, confusion and a bleak future, but this is something else entirely. I had hoped for this EP to be ready in April, and indeed it was. If I’d had any idea this was what April would be like, I would have done things totally differently.

But that’s just how things are. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe my music can brighten someone’s otherwise bleak and lonely day (which would be surprising, given the music I make).

All the same, the idea of asking for people’s attention at such a time feels almost wrong. Why should any of you look at me and what I’ve done when so many of you are worried about staying healthy, about your family and friends, about your mental healthy, your job, your home, or whether you’ll have food to eat?

My desire to share and promote what I’ve done, to grab your attention, is all but gone.

Which is a shame, because I’m so very proud of this EP. To say a lot of work went into it would be an understatement. From recording to production to artwork to making a god damn video, I have poured my heart and soul into making this. It has gone through countless changes and developments, I’ve invested money I didn’t have, sacrificed hours of my time and put myself through agonising stress to create the best possible work I can. And now I feel that due to circumstance it will go mostly unnoticed.

I know this sounds all ‘woe is me’ (just wait until you listen to it) but I will say this; I don’t regret any of it. I’ve never been in it for fame and fortune; I wouldn’t be making what I do if I was. If I knew nobody was ever going to hear a single note I’d still do the same all over again. Music is my primary creative outlet, especially when it gives me an excuse to explore other creative outlets. I have learned so much in making this music. I have developed both as a professional and as a person.

So, with all of that said, this Friday, 10th April, I look forward to sharing my new EP { Home } with you.

It was unintentional, but many of these songs explore the ideas of place and purpose, in a time when many of us are stuck in our own homes and wondering about our future. From being almost housebound with crippling anxiety, to being uncertain about what truly makes a place home, to empathising with someone else’s heartbreaking homesickness, these songs explore my thoughts and experiences over the last few years.

I was honoured to work with some of my absolute heroes Steve Durose and Tom Peters on this EP. Their mixing and mastering helped make this music sound a thousand times better, and made this all worthwhile.

{ Home } will be available on all good-and-not-so-good streaming platforms, as well as available for digital download from Bandcamp. If you’re a Spotify user, you can pre-save the EP now:

Want to listen to { Home } now?

If you just can’t wait until Friday, you can sign up to the Landlocked Sailors Club (mailing list) and instantly get a secret link to listen to the EP right now.

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