O Fortuna!

Imposter syndrome

So it’s the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, the whole country has been hit with a blanket of snow seemingly from nowhere, but I’m out facing the cold regardless, on my way to see my friends in Awooga supporting Amplifier; a band I’ve loved since my teens. I find Taz and James down by the sea and we walk back to the venue where Amplifier are soundchecking. The night before, the two bands had been in Birmingham and a stellar show had left Sel’s voice a little worse for wear. The guys from Awooga asked, seemingly jokingly, if i’d be up for singing for Amplifier (Taz has put me on gig listings plenty of times in Sheffield so he knows what I do). But then the idea was floated again, this time a bit more seriously…

Next thing I know, I’m in the back room with Amplifier going through their setlist, nervously confirming which songs I know well enough to sing. Matt is digging out a shirt and tie and I realise this is really happening.

Amplifier aren’t just a favourite of mine. They’re one of those bands that appeared in my formative years. They’re a huge inspiration, the soundtrack to my university days and the reason I met many of my friends. And somehow, here I was, on stage with them, singing my favourite songs to an audience who made me feel incredibly welcome.

It was an absolute honour and the most fun I’ve ever had at a gig. Thanks to Taz for getting some footage of it, just so I can be sure it actually happened.

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