Steve and the Sea to release new EP { Home } on 10th April

Download hi-res photos and cover art here

  • First single from new EP { Home } – out 10th April
  • EP follows new single Sleep Now released March 20th and premiered on Birthday Cake for Breakfast
  • Mixed by Steve Durose (Oceansize, Amplifier) and mastered by Tom Peters (Alpha Male Tea Party)
  • Tour dates coming soon

The story so far…

With a history in bands ranging from folk to post-metal to indie pop punk, Steve and the Sea is a solo project borne out of eclectic taste and influences, and experiments with a looper. When Steve McCarthy released his first EP as Steve and the Sea – Stay Dry, Stay Warm – back in 2016, it was to a small but dedicated fanbase in his home town of Sheffield and across the UK. But for Steve, making music has always been more about the creative process than anything else; the EP was entirely self produced, including a limited run of CDs in hand-printed cases, posters and apparel.

Since then Steve has actually moved to the sea, relocating to Brighton in 2017, and has been writing and refining his sound. His long awaited follow up EP { Home } is just about to see the light of day.

Sleep Now (single) released 20th march

On 20th March Steve released his latest single Sleep Now including a B-side Drowning Backwards which was well received by fans and critics; described as “Hypnotic and entrancing with a stop-you-in-your-tracks vocal” by Birthday Cake for Breakfast where the track and video – also produced by Steve – premiered.

About { Home } EP

{ Home } is an eclectic collection of songs and sounds. Electronic beats are intertwined with delicate guitars and wide-ranging vocals; harmonies and vocoders floating in from all sides. The opening track Cortisol brings the EP in with growing tension; starting with a lone guitar and ending with a cacophony of noise as the chords loop and are layered with drum samples, vocal harmonies and synths. As we journey through the EP, we’re taken to different corner’s of Steve’s creative mind covering indie pop, melancholic shoegaze before ending on a twee folk number One Year.

The EP takes influences from the likes of Villagers, Postal Service, Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver and Radiohead to name a few. It will be released on all digital platforms on 10th April. The EP was mixed by Steve Durose (Oceansize, Amplifier), and mastered by Tom Peters (Alpha Male Tea Party) at Trapdoor Studios.

In Steve’s own words:

This EP has been a long time in the making, having gone through several different forms before finally becoming what it is. Whilst I was writing this EP I found myself moving home between cities, only to become home sick, questioning what really makes a place a home. This idea permeates through the lyrics in several of the songs; Cortisol deals with a period of my life crippled by anxiety, where I was almost housebound, where “home” shrank smaller and smaller to just the same four walls. The Moon and the Sea came about as I’ve found myself questioning where I’ll go next, and how “home” is just as much the people you share it with as the space you fill. Sleep Now deals with experiencing someone else’s severe homesickness and seeing what that can do to someone. I was absolutely honoured to work with Steve Durose and Tom Peters on this, they’re both musical heroes of mine and they managed to turn my noises into something I’m super proud of and can’t wait to share with the world.

More to come…

{ Home } is really just the beginning. There were many more songs that simply didn’t fit into this EP, and so I’m hoping to release more later this year, along with a UK/EU tour. Watch this space…

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