Recording in progress

An image of music gear set up for recording

Getting set up for finishing off recording the next EP. Songs are mostly written, a plan has formed, release schedules are penciled in, artwork is slowly emerging, it’s very much taking shape.

A few things I can tell you so far:

I call it an EP, but there will be 10 tracks. Some are full songs, some are ideas that may or may not ever become full songs later down the line.

I’m recording it all at home by myself, as before. Maybe it will be pro mastered, we’ll see what that costs.

At this point, I’m not planning any physical release. Vinyl is too expensive, nobody buys CDs and I’m morally opposed to tapes. There will however be t-shirts and jumpers and stuff like that.

Probably out in December? Something like that?

Stay tuned folks.

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