Steve and the Tee…shirt…

Hey friend, how’s it going? Hope you haven’t been too impacted by all that’s going on right now and that you’re doing as well as you can.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say I finally have a t-shirt up for sale. It’s up on Mercht and you can order it today!

Designed by myself (of course) and printed on 100% organic cotton “Eco tees”, these will be printed by Mercht.

Mercht do some top quality screen-printed tees, but since they’re screen printed we have to get a minimum number of orders for it to go through. So long as there’s a minimum of 10 orders in the next 21 days, it’ll go ahead, but be warned, it will only be on sale for 21 days! So if you want one, don’t miss out! Get your order in ASAP (you won’t be charged until it actually goes to print).

This is the only merch I’ll have on offer for the time being (because it’s expensive and I only want to do stuff I know will be well made) but keep an eye out.

In other news…

Well, there’s not much other news right now but I’m working on a few things, including:

  • Live videos (all live-looped of course) including a few covers
  • New music
  • A cool interactive music video
  • Probably some other stuff

Watch this space!

Best wishes,
Steve (and the Sea) x

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