The Albatross and Me (single)

I wrote this back in May 2020. We’d gone into lockdown and I was stuck home alone for 3 months while my partner was over in Germany. It’s the most isolated I’ve ever been. The only company I had was a seagull who was regularly landing on my window ledge (and one time a pigeon flew into my kitchen too but that seemed less voluntary). Anyway, I started feeding this seagull just so I could interact with *something* other than the self checkout in Waitrose.

Anyway, turns out seagulls make for shit friends, but great inspiration for a song (hence the albatross rather than the seagull). This little one will always remind me of those times, looking out my window and watching the sun shine down on a vacant and silent city, wondering just what the hell was going on.

Looking back, it feels strange to think of a time when all this was strange.


All parts written and performed and produced by Steve McCarthy